Does Stress Really Cause Aging?

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Many of us would relate graying hair and furrowed brow to stress. Some would assume, “it must be the weight of the world that’s adding years to them.” But does anxiety and stress really accelerate your aging process? Scientists have not fully understood this phenomenon just yet.

What We Understand Now

Small anxieties are the body’s natural response to perceived or real threats which is what we call the fight or flight reaction. When this is triggered, a two-way communication between our body and brain results in the activation of our biological, immune, and cardiovascular systems. In short, it’s our instinct to survive. When prolonged fight/flight reaction happens, it becomes maladaptive which wears our body down.

How Does This Happen?

Extensive studies point to three “stress chemicals” that are released in the body: cortisol, norepinephrine, and adrenaline.

The production of cortisol raises fat storage, hardens arteries, increases blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Cortisol is also found to play a role in weakening the immune system, muscle and collagen loss, and osteoporosis.

Norepinephrine increases heart rate and can affect the brain to focus. At the same time, adrenaline is understood to accelerate the heart rate, decrease vision and hearing, and constrict our blood vessels.

The Effects of Prolonged Stress

When we experience prolonged stress, it causes our body to undergo negative internal changed which can advance the process of aging.

What are your thoughts on stress and aging? While there’s no hard evidence between the two, it’s safe to say that you should continue looking out for your wellbeing. Stressful situations, in itself, should be avoided as much as possible.

What You Can Do Now

Take some time to unwind and relax. Even if that’s only one hour per day, this can make all the difference. Have coffee with friends, watch a funny movie, read a book, cuddle with a pet, etc. You deserve the break!

Does Exercise Delay Aging?

Did you know that regular exercise helps fight the development of fine lines and wrinkles? It is no surprise that being physically active can increase our endurance and strength. The body begins to decline as a result of aging. Entailed along with that is the diminishing production of collagen as people blame genetics. Interestingly, more research continues to debunk this myth as proper diet and exercise reverse this occurrence.

A team of researchers in Texas conducted a study assessing the benefits of physical activity within seniors, and their findings are astounding:

-A 1989 study concerning people in their 70s observed that those who engaged in regular physical activity regained about 22% of their lost lung capacity in a duration of six months. Additionally, this accomplishment efficiently replaced the exercisers’ full lung function to individuals in their 50s.

-During a 1994 trial, participants who were 75 years or older were able to raise their muscle strength by about 21 percent after regular resistance training for three months. This was theorized by the increase of their muscle fiber sizes.

-40 elderly women worked with weighted vests during physical activity to enhance power, strength, and balance. According to the Galveston authors, the results were astounding as it significantly improved their performance.

What does this all mean? Even if you think it’s difficult to move around, there’s a solution to improve muscle strength.

Regular exercise has heightened benefits to the health. In fact, physical activity can prevent or delay the start of hip fracture, osteoporosis, heart disease, obesity, and hypertension. What’s more surprising is that many researchers have concluded that women who spent less than four hours on their feet would double their risk compared to those who are regularly exercising.

A lifetime worth of resistance exercise and regular aerobics is the best policy to stay younger. However, you need to begin this routine as a young adult to reap all the benefits entailed to it.

The Benefits of Face Washing Everyday

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Remember when you were a teenager and you were too lazy to wash your face? Your mother probably insisted on doing so, but you complained. Well, it turns out that your mom was right. Washing your face every day gives you a healthy looking skin. The following are examples as to why taking care of your skin is so important.

It Removes Build Up

Washing your face every day has a lot of benefits. One of them is the removal of unwanted bacteria, oil, and dirt. Every day, your skin accumulates dead skin cells, dirt, pollutants, and viruses. The only way you can get rid of these impurities is by washing your skin. Without doing so, your skin would be covered in a thick layer of grime and dirt which can be difficult to remove once it’s too late.

Boost of Hydration

Washing your face boosts the proper levels of skin hydration. Without hydration, your skin can look aged, wrinkled, and rough. With the help of face cleansers, your skin will manage to balance it’s pH levels.

The Maintenance of Clear Skin

Your skin has its way of protecting itself from the outside world. It does this in the form of oil production. Sebum, which is a gland found underneath the skin, uses hair follicles as a pathway to move upwards. This helps oil reach the surface of your skin and assists in warding off foreign objects such as bacteria.

What happens if you stop washing your face?

If you never wash your face, your pores become clogged which can result to severe acne. It can also experience insufficient hydration, irritation, Dryness, or severe redness. In addition to that, your skin will look significantly aged, greasy, oily, and dirty.

4 Superfoods That Fight Aging

image of superfoods good for antiaging

When it comes to aging, you want to combat it as often as possible. You try all the skin care and drink plenty of water so you eliminate fine lines the moment they appear. But did you know that whatever appears on the outside has to do with your inside? The following are superfoods you should eat when you want to fight aging.


You want to be a regular user of turmeric because it prevents cancer and it has curcuminoid pigments that stimulate the production of antioxidants in the body. Not only that, but turmeric protects the skin cells and brain cells from damages that free radicals have done. So when you want to slow down fine lines and wrinkles, you want in your pantry!


Eat it as a savory dish or as a dessert. Whatever you do, pack on lots of these bad boys because they’re incredible for the skin. They include good fat that will not only help you lose weight but protect your cells from free radicals. It enhances the mental acuity and vitality to improve the texture of your skin.

Arctic Char

This has all the benefits you can get from salmon but it is made in a controlled farm environment which makes them a preferred choice. It has about the same amount of fatty acids as salmon which inhibits the wrinkle-causing enzymes. With arctic char, you can improve the overall health of your brain and protect it from sun damage.

Green Vegetable Juice

If you love juice, this one is for you! Juicing green vegetable break down the plant’s cell walls so that they absorb quickly into the body. This helps your digestive system work the minimal effort, and it’s the fasted way to infuse vitamins, chlorophyll, oxygen, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. You definitely want to try this out!

Skin Care Ingredients, Explained

Have you ever looked at a skin care product and wondered what the sophisticated ingredients are? Well, we’re here to spill the beans! While many of them sound very complicated, they’re actually good for you so the next time you’re in the beauty aisle, look for these ingredients.

Retinyl Palmitate

This is a type of Vitamin A which is an excellent antioxidant that creates a cellular turnover and slows the breakdown of collagen. When you’re looking to combat wrinkles and fine lines, retinyl palmitate is what you want. Vitamin A also comes in a varying of strengths so you might want to consider getting a product that includes retinoic acid or retinol.

Ascorbyl Palmitate

This is Vitamin C, and it is responsible for regeneration of the skin for brightening effects. When you see this labeled first on the ingredients, use it during the night.


Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which prevents signs of aging and dryness. If you have scars and stretch marks, this is the perfect ingredient for you too.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Interestingly, this can hold the weight of water by 1,000 times which makes it a very popular ingredient for moisturizers. What is it? Hyaluronic Acid! When applied, this can hydrate your skin, giving you a plumped look and can minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Camellia Sinensis Extract

This green tea extract is calming to the skin. It is also antioxidant-rich that reduces effects caused by the sun.

Hamamelis Virginiana Extract

With gentle Witch Hazel Extracts, you can absorb excess oil, soothe the skin, and tighten pores.


The silicone-based polymer is used for superslick primers. It works by filling enlarged wrinkles and pores so that your foundation and easily glide to the skin. Because of this, it results in an airbrushed effect.

The Benefits of Facial Masks

image of someone applying face mask

When it comes to having good skin care regimen, a facial mask should be one of the products every woman should use. When we think of facials, we think of vigilant skin care habits similar to the woman who’s fine lines are not showing up at the ripe age of 40.

In our circle of associates, skin care regimen is important especially when we want to make a good representation of our brand. Some women here have poked fun at the idea of using our facial masks on a long flight or even startling the mailman with them. Nonetheless, we’ve committed ourselves to the line of skin care regardless or whether we apply it in the bathroom or somewhere else.

According to dermatologists, using a mask is one excellent step to skin regimen. And we couldn’t agree more. A mask envelops the skin which works to activate the ingredients to penetrate. Whatever type you have at home, it can extract impurities and get rid of dead skin cells.

Typically, masks are utilized for relaxation and applied for about 10-15 minutes. The duration can go shorter or longer depending on what you use. In fact, some masks work as a hydrating formula for an intensive overnight treatment.

The following are facial mask you should try.

24K Gold Masks

When you’re looking for a secret to nourish your skin’s deep tissues, you can find it in our AGORA 24K Gold Facial Masks. Repair your skin at the first signs of aging with its rejuvenating factors. This mask will relax and replenish your skin as it boosts with minerals and vitamins for a radiant glow.

Clay Masks

Clay masks use a natural component called kaolin clay. Some companies work with them due to their efficacy in absorbing oil, extracting impurities and removing dirt from the pores. They’re usually targetted for the T-zone and areas where acne is prone to appear.

4 Things You Ignored About Your Skin

woman putting skin care products on
We’ve spoken to tons of dermatologists to understand the dynamics of our skin. Even with just a glance of the outside, we can already tell what your skin is trying to tell you from the inside. As a general rule, we learned that your skin is a reflection of your health. The issue may be caused by something as simple as not getting enough sleep or applying more moisturizer. Still, if your body is trying to tell you something through your skin, you should know it’s underlying symptoms. The following are four things you should watch out for.


This could mean that you’re stressed. Sure, as if you need any more reasons to worry about other things. Still, when your anxiety is kicking in, the body tends to release cortisol that evidently leads to breakouts. When you want to combat your skin from such a disaster, you’re going to need a skin care regimen. Ask your doctor if they prescribe a hormonal birth control that prevents pimples from showing up. Another way is to combat acne is through calming strategies that will help you simmer down. Try yoga as this focused on deep breaths and the promotion of healthy circulation.

Puffy Eyelids

You probably applied more pressure on one eye while you slept. Dermatologists say that when you sleep on your stomach, this can cause an accumulation of fluid on your eyelids. Allergies could also come into factor as scaly, red, and itchy eyes are linked to one another. In fact, our eyelids are the thinnest layer of skin we have; it’s no surprise that this is the first place we’ll see allergies.

Red Patches

Psoriasis is an imbalance of immune cells that tend to cause inflammation. Because of this, you may have irritated patches of the skin. Some can blame genetics to this as they’re more susceptible to such an autoimmune disease. There are two peaks to these stages: You can start noticing patches as early as in your teens and early 20s. The second wave also happens within the 50s or 60s. Flare-ups can occur any time such as a cause of stress or strep throat.

Itchy, Dry Skin

This may be caused by the winter weather because of the dry, cold air. One way to fix this issue is by slathering layers of moisturizers, avoiding hot showers and using a humidifier.

6 Makeup Hacks You Really Need to Try


We all know it takes time to apply makeup which is why we’ve come up with some hacks to make it easier for you.

Makeup Hacks to Try

Forget the cheeks, test your foundation on the neck. Our face is constantly exposed to sunlight and breakouts which darken the skin. When you want to know your true complexion, apply your foundation on the neck instead of your cheeks. When you match your foundation with your cheeks, it might look different from your neck making it look unnatural.

The same concealer should not be used for your pimples and undereye. The issue with this is our eyes are lighter than our pimples. When you use your undereye concealer on your pimples, it’ll only highlight the flaw instead of hiding it.

Use layers makeup to hide pimples! You might notice that our pimples still look prominent even after applying concealer and foundation. One way to hide it is by using the following method: use foundation, concealer, and setting powder. By doing this, it will not only hide it, but it will make the bump disappear.

When your skin is oily, do not use cream moisturizer. Some of us are blessed to have natural moisturizers so when that’s the case, use mattifying gel instead. Apply this on the T-zone.

Loose powder will only make your skin look oilier. Having said that, don’t find your oily complexion with loose powder since it only makes it look cakey. Instead, use a clear mattifier. Apply this before and after your put your make up as it gets rid of the shine.

Shimmery products are not for everyone. They’re becoming popular as many stars use it to highlight their skin. However, not everyone is meant to use shimmer products especially when they have oily skin. When this is the case, try blushes, matte bronzers, and concealers to highlight the cheeks. Trust us; it’ll give you the same effect.

How to Politely Say No Without Looking Rude


We’ve all been there. When we requested to do something, and we feel reluctant to confirm. While others may have an easy time saying no, others have mastered the right way to decline the request without hurting anybody’s feelings. By doing this, we not only feel guilt-free, but you’re not hurting anyone’s feelings. So our goal is to convey two messages: I care about our relationship, but I am not able to accommodate your request.

Start Small

If you happen to be a people pleaser, you may want to start small. Start a goal that accommodates to your personality. That could be saying no five times a day. For example, “No, I do not want to apply for your newsletter. It’s small skills like these that become easier after practice.

Rehearse Your Declination

It’s never a bad idea to have a go-to phrase. Some people actually rehearse their declination remarks so that they have a go-to saying in times of panic. For example, “I appreciate your invitation. But I’m sorry I have other plans ahead of me so I cannot be available for this event.” Often, people will respect your decision without prying.

Ask For Some Time to Think About It

Some things are easier to decide on such as watching your friends children in cases of emergency. But sometimes they’re difficult to deal with. So you can go ahead and take a pause when you find yourself in that situation. For example, if your friend asks if you can babysit their pet snake. This might feel a bit uncomfortable for you, so ask for some time to think about it.

Say No, But Offer a Favor

You can negotiate while saying no. This method is a yes, no, yes. So at this point, you’re saying yes to the relationship such as “Tom is such an adorable child.” And then you say no to the request, by adding, “I’m sorry I’ll be away during the weekend so I can’t watch him.” But you can say yes by offering something else such as, “But I’d be happy to give him a ride for karate class on Thursday.”

Whiten Your Teeth With ‘Coconut Oil Pulling’

image of a woman smiling

Over time, our teeth discolor due to drinking, eating, and aging. Now, many women have asked if there’s a way to whiten the teeth naturally. The answer to that question is, yes!

Coconut Oil Swishing

Today, we’re going over coconut oil pulling which requires a quarter of sloshing every day. That’s right, a daily swish of coconut oil keeps the teeth looking whiter. As many consumers are discovering this ancient practice, they’re raising the question to us. Does it really work?

A Tradition Practiced

Let’s go back to 2,500 years where the tradition was practiced in India. Oil pulling or oil swishing tends to the sweeten the breath while it contributes to other health factors such as prevention of asthma, improvement of arthritis, prevents tooth decay and treats gum disease.

The idea lies behind the concept of Ayurveda, and they believe that the oil nourishes the body tissues. In Ayurveda, they oil every part of the body as it was believed to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial actions.

What Experts Say

Now, the core question is, do experts believe that it makes the teeth whiter? It’s inconclusive as it needs more studies. Now, the downside about this is that it makes people a little nauseous after swish. Experts suggest swishing the oil for only 5 minutes a day instead of 20 which is what many people practice. Additionally, a tablespoon of oil is good enough to start seeing optimal results.

Moreover, oil swishing is safe, but we still recommend that people should do it under expert supervision. It might be best to get a personalized “prescription” of what of the oil type that best fits their physical make-up.

6 Things Successful Women Do in the Morning

image of a working woman

Many successful women have a strict routine they follow in the morning to start their day. Still, to them, there’s no right way to wake up! So when you’re looking for a routine that’s right for you, try implementing one of two of these in the list!

Drinking Water

Coffee is not the first thing you should have in the morning. To start the day off right, drink water. Keeping yourself hydrated is important as the day progresses. Additionally, you never know how dehydrated one gets after hours of sleep. Replenishing to something fresh and invigorating can go a long way.

They Don’t Skip Planking

There’s nothing like taking your time during the morning. Waking up at least two hours ahead of time is something that some successful women do. They leave the tv, radio, and music off so that they’re at peace while everyone is still dozing off. All the while, they do some light exercises like a two-minute plank, and hip stretches to help them tackle the day.

They Set Goals

Some will start the day by checking themselves physically and emotionally. Deep breaths are utilized for about ten minutes, and when they have extra time, meditation is done. They focus on the positive vibes as they channel themselves toward gratification.

They Like Alone Time

Making every minute counts especially when they have a career and children to juggle with. Setting at least thirty minutes of alone time can make them feel like they’re in control. Whether they want to utilize the time towards exercising or nothing at all, it’s time well spent.

The Night Before

Morning habits often happen the night before. They do this because it can be difficult for some of them to wind down at night. So a meditation often relaxes them to focus for the day ahead. Clearing their head the night before helps by waking up refreshed the next morning.

Lingering in Bed is Okay

Waking up early and lingering in bed is fine. Some will take this time to wake up in the morning fully. It’s essential to many people as they think about the the day ahead of them.

5 Strange Celebrity Beauty Tips

image of a woman wearing a beanie

We’ve always wondered how celebrities manage to have flawless skin. Beyond expensive dermatologists and holistic skin care regimen, there are beauty secrets that celebrities follow that are strange, but entertaining. It was so interesting that we might just try some of them just for the giggles!

Beer, Hair and Catherine Zeta-Jones

If you want lovely looking locks like Catherine, you may want to douse it in beer. She swears by it because alcohol removes the buildup that’s sitting on the surface of the hair. Her routine is to shampoo, dry, and massage a cup of beer in the strands. Cover the hair with a plastic wrap and let the magic work for you.

Miranda Kerr and Her Lip Balm

Want your eyes to shimmer? Use your lip balm around the eyes.  She says that using lipgloss will clog up the pores so stick to natural products. How to use it? Dab a few spots on the inner corners of the eyes, and you’re ready to go.

Snooki Exfoliating with Kitty Litter

Uhm… Wait, what? She exfoliates her skin with kitty litter, but experts have another suggestion. Instead, they want you to try baking soda with a mixture of water or your favorite cleanser. It works without the irritation.

Tape on Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga removes her makeup using tape. Yikes! Experts say that you can use this trick, but with caution! If you’re prone to redness, you might want to skip this and stick to makeup remover instead.

Denise Richards Using Avocados

When you want to avoid harsh chemicals that go along with conditioners, opt for avocado. It’s effective especially with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Of course, avoid the scalp because it’ll make the hair look super oily.

Five Skin Care Hacks That Models Use

image of a model

Models are disciplined in a way that their top priority is their well being. All eyes are on them whether that’s on the runway or their on-the-go. Even their Instagram photos are flawless; One might even say that it’s too perfect. Whether their photos are enhanced or not, one thing is for certain. They take care of their body. Still, with stressful routines from the runways, over-worked skin and jet lag, the question is, how are they taking care of their skin?! They manage to do this makeup-free when they’re backstage.

Genetics could be responsible for this and access to the best skin care products out there! Still, models have a secret for their own. So what are some of those secrets that the whole world wants to know?

Steam the Pores to Clear Them Out

After a huge time allotted on runways, models usually like to ease off the make up after a while. With heavy makeup in place, dirt can get stuck on the skin which calls for a deep cleaning. A little facial steam can go a long way. How is this done? Grab a hot bowl of water and add mint tea. Tie your head back and put your face over the bowl. The steam will clear out your skin making it feel light and fresh.

Get Rid of Zits Using Toothpaste

Models suffer from jetlag all the time, and with this comes with a sudden zit! It’s not pretty and they sure wants to get rid of this ASAP! So, what do they do? The classic toothpaste on the zit will do just the trick. Be very careful using this trick as it can dry out the skin.

Follow Your Skin Care Routine

With a lot of things happening throughout the day, models sticks to their nightly skin care routine. The most common one is to remove the makeup with a face wipe. Do it until all the foundation is gone, and there are no more residues on the cloth. After that, use a hydrating cleansing cream to wash the off any dirt that was not taken from the makeup remover. When this is done, focus on the T-zone by using a facial mask or scrub.


Sometimes you just need to rely on natural products to ward off toxins in the skin. So, go with a simple DIY facial mask! One the most popular ones amongst the community is an avocado with honey that helps moisturize the skin.

Be Careful With What You Put in the Body

Some models are gifted in a way that they just wash their face with water. Still, diet is key to maintain a good healthy skin. In many cases, the food you eat is what causes you to break out which is why they tend to avoid salty and sugary food.

A Skin Care Routine Fit For The Holidays

image of a woman

Why should you pay close attention to your skin care routine over the holidays? One dermatologist says that the holidays is filled with sugary treats, cocktails, limited sleep and freezing temperatures. Apply all these combinations, and you’re heading towards a skin war zone.

We’re not just talking about acne. In fact, over the holidays you may experience dry skin, eczema, and cold sores. These are all due to the grating elements that your skin is exposed to. So what do you do? The following are some skin care tips to avoid the havoc.

Dry Skin

When you’re pampering your skin, it prevents puffy, dry skin. If you haven’t paid attention your skin, try using cleansers that are fragrance-free. Diets that are heavy on cocktails and salt can cause your skin to appear bloated. To prevent this from happening, avoid them as much as possible. Moderation and hydration are keys to healthy skin.


Achieving a blemish-free skin can is possible with a few tricks. Of course, eating sweets and drinking cocktails are okay, but with moderation. When you have too much, it can cause a negative consequence. To avoid acne, drink a whole lot of water and get plenty of rest. If a pimple emerges, treat it with a salicylic treatment to get rid of the problem quickly. Do not pick the blemish to avoid scarring.


Sometimes, you just can’t prevent them from happening. If this is the case, use an oral antihistamine such as fexofenadine or loratadine to lessen the issue. If your skin isn’t getting any better, consult with a dermatologist.

 Cold Sores

Things that could trigger a cold sore are sleep deficiency, change in polar temperatures and stress. For those who suffer from this, the virus lies dormant in the body. Stress can trigger this virus to overdrive. One thing that you can do to prevent this is by taking a prescribed medicine. If you already have the cold sore, treat the area with a cleanser and apply moisture to calm it down.



5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

image of woman in shape

You made it through Halloween, but the holidays are not over yet! We understand how tempting those candy bars can be! And the SALES! Oh, the sales are upon us which means that junk food will be cheaper. Between cross-country traveling and pumpkin pies, staying healthy during this time of the year can be difficult. Hitting the gym means delaying family obligations, last minute shoppings, and work parties– Clearly, no one wants to be the cause of delay! So how do you fit in a healthy lifestyle when the whole world is trying to shove a turkey in your mouth? Easy. Of course, the holidays are the best time of the year! Between Thanksgiving and New Years is 35 days of non-stop festivities. Still, we’re determined to keep a head-strong strategy to maintain a healthy body!

Just Sign Up For It

When you sign up for a competition or race, you’re bringing yourself towards commitment. Don’t take it as a negative way because you’ll have something to look forward to after the holidays. If races or competitions are not your things, book a vacation in the outdoors that will require you to stay fit for the trip.

Get a Workout Buddy

When you’re with someone who has the same goal, the task becomes easier. Of course, rolling out of bed at 5 in the morning is more difficult when you’re on your own. Make it easy by having a workout buddy. That way, you can both push each other to be the best version of yourselves.

Treat Yourself Something Good

Okay, we’re not talking about that extra slice of cake during dinner. If your budget permits it, buy yourself those workout clothes you’ve been wanting! Whatever you do, give yourself an extra material to motivate you in continuing a healthy routine.

Take on the Promotions

Not a lot of people exercise during the holidays which means that this is a slow month for such establishments. Shop around for some offers and take the sweetest deal you can find. If you just got a gym membership, make sure to take advantage of the free classes! You’ll learn new moves that you can do right from the comfort of your home.

Watch TV

Okay, we’re not talking about being a couch potato. You can workout in front of the television while watching a workout video. They’re cheaper than a gym membership, and you don’t have to leave your home! So get those shoes and get sweating.

Is Green Coffee The Next Big Thing For Skincare?

Image of a girl.

Every year there seems to be a new weight loss fad that claims to be new, improved and guaranteed to help consumers shed off some pounds. Whether it’s a new superfood or supplement drink/pill, people are always willing to try it for the chance to lose weight fast. It seems that with every fad, there is a food or liquid that is green. We’ve had spinach, kale, and now we introduce the new member of the green supplement family, coffee.

At first thought, it seems strange and very unnatural to have green coffee. Coffee is known for its rich dark brown color, but that is only the result of roasting. Natural coffee beans before they are roasted to that dark brown color, are green. This is done to sell to customers and give the bean that roasted flavor when it is brewed down into coffee.

However, what makes this green coffee bean extract a weight loss supplement, is an antioxidant that is prominent before the roasting process. Chlorogenic Acid is one of the primary antioxidants in green coffee beans next to caffeine that is believed to have the power to assist in weight loss. When consumed, chlorogenic acid can reduce the body’s absorption of carbohydrates, reduced body fat, the amount of fat stored in the liver, and even improve the function of the fat-burning hormone, adiponectin.

There have been studies done on this green coffee bean extract vs. regular coffee beans. For 12 weeks, 30 overweight participants incorporated either the green coffee or regular coffee bean into their daily routine, without changing diet or exercise.

The results were those who took the green coffee bean extract resulted in losing around 11.9 pounds and those who took the regular coffee, only 3.7 pounds.

Though the results show the extract can help dramatically with weight loss, there are still precautions to be taken.   

During the studies, some participants had to withdraw due to side effects of headaches and some suffered urinary tract infections. Other side effects of using this extract are rapid heartbeat, jitters, and anxiety from the caffeine and diarrhea. This supplement is not recommended for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or children.

Before taking any weight loss supplement, consult your doctor, do your research, be sure that this is the best decision for you and your health!


Skin Care for Guys

Agora Cosmetics

Skin Care for Guys

Well, fellas, the time has come to discuss the skin care routine you need in your life! You may think you’re daily soap bar is doing the job, but there are a few extra steps you should be taking. Like women, your skin requires care and attention! This routine is an easy to follow, five step, and only 5 minutes of your time.

But before we get into the actual process, you need to know what your skin type is. There are three types of skin:

  • Normal: Balanced, not too oily not too dry, hardly any acne
  • Oily: Shiny skin, excessive oily spots, acne is a problem
  • Dry/Sensitive: Flaky, dry patches, easily irritated, tight

Now that you’ve figured out your skin type, you can adjust the skincare products you use to the ones targeted towards helping with that kind of skin.

Okay now for the fun part! Here are the four steps for your easy skin care routine:

  1. Cleanse: Every morning and night, wash your face with a facial cleanser made specifically for your skin type.Doing this will help with removing dead skin cells and other impurities in the morning and preventing clogged pores when done at night.
  2. Facial Scrub: Doing this in the morning and before shaving helps with ingrown hairs, clogged pores, dead skin cells, and bumps! It will give your shave a cleaner cut as well!
  3. Hydrate: After the scrub for the morning and the cleanse at night, use a men’s moisturizer.  This does more than give your skin moisture. As you age, your skin cells have a harder time absorbing moisture. Doing this will allow for you cells to be alert and continue incorporating the hydration throughout aging.
  4. Prevention: For the final step, you must protect your skin. Wearing sunscreen every day prevents sun damage, wrinkles, and sunburn. Just putting on a thin layer before heading out for the day can make a huge difference in how your skin looks and feels everyday!

Shortcut Skin Care Routine For The Lazy Girl In You

Agora Cosmetics

Beauty routines can take FOREVER to get the perfect complexion achieved. Moisturizing, cleansing, exfoliating, people make it seem that you must do every step to get beautiful skin.

But if you are like some of us who do not have that time in the morning (or are too lazy to do so) there are still ways for you to get that glowing skin you want without having to change your preferences! There are four easy steps to take, and you will have gorgeous skin and with minimal effort.


Getting between seven to nine hours of sleep every night gives great benefits to your skin. While you sleep, your body produces collagen which helps prevent wrinkles. When you wake up in the morning, you won’t have those dark under eye circles that give you that “you look tired” comment from everyone when you walk in the office! Getting your “beauty sleep” couldn’t be farther from the truth!


NEVER wear your makeup to bed, NEVER. When you do this, the makeup just sits on your face and soaks up into your pores causing them to clog up and create unwanted blemishes. I know at the end of a long day all you want to do curl into bed with your pj’s on and fall fast asleep, but you can’t do that.

A way to solve this issue, leave your makeup remover on your nightstand. This way if you end up getting into bed and realize you haven’t taken your makeup off, there is no need to sigh and cringe at the fact of having to get out of bed!

All-in-One Cleansers

These wonderful inventions give us the entire beauty routine in one easy cream or foam! Look for a cleanser that exfoliates, moisturizes, and cleanses the face. These will become your new best friend in the morning and night!

Wear Sunscreen

Carrying around a travel sized bottle of sunscreen in your purse can be very beneficial to your skin on an exceptionally hot day. If you feel your face start to burn, slather on a thin layer of sun protection. This will save you from having to add an extra step to your skincare routine later on down the line!

The Trends of Whitening, Brightening, and Lightening

Know the difference between skin whitening, brightening and lightening.

People are always looking for new ways to better their skin. Whether it is the appearance or texture of the skin, we will try anything to get our skin looking and feeling the way we want it to. Fixing the issue can be hard because of the whopping amount of skin care products, treatments, and procedures. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what we need for our skin.

Whitening, brightening, or lightening the skin tone has become a popular trend. These three methods require different routines and assist with a variety of skin tone issues. We found what these treatments consist of to help you find which one is best for you!

Skin Lightening

So far in life, many people have had problems with sun damage, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation problems. These all play a huge factor in uneven skin tone. No matter how much makeup you may use to cover that up, it only does just that, cover up the problem instead of fixing it. Skin lightening products can help reverse uneven skin tones. If this is a matter you are having with your skin, find products that have natural ingredients such as arbutin, kojic acid, niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and bearberry.

Skin Brightening

Thanks to wrinkles and dead skin cells, aging is a process nobody enjoys going through. As young adults, our skin cells had a fast turnover rate and shed off our skin fast which kept the complexion bright and vibrant. However, over time the cells began a slower turnover rate causing them to sit atop of our skin creating a dull complexion. This creates more definition in fine lines and under-eye circles. But you don’t need to spend loads of money for this treatment, try out home remedies or DIY masks to resolve any setbacks of a dull skin tone!

Skin Whitening

This has just recently surfaced but is not recommended. People have been stripping their natural skin pigment with harsh bleaching skin strips due to standards in certain countries, deeming a ‘white complexion’ to be more beautiful than others. Doing a skin whitening treatment can cause irritation and discoloration in the skin. Embrace your natural skin pigment and don’t change it based off of what others standards may be!


Skin Care Advances For All Ages

image of a model

Back then, women used to dedicate themselves in a specific skin care regimen that worked for them. It was as easy as washing, moisturizing and then the application of makeup. Now, products for skin care has evolved with products good for toning, cleaning, clearing blemishes, plumping lips, lifting eyelids and smoothing wrinkles. Additionally, solutions are available from aestheticians and dermatologists.

20s Skin Care

If you want healthy skin in the future, don’t tan and smoke. Also, keep a steady weight. Always use SPF 30 sunscreen everyday; focus on your facial area, neck, chest, arms and legs. Anything beyond that is the time to enjoy your youth! If you’re experiencing breakouts, this is the best time to talk to your dermatologist for a solution.

30s Skin Care

Unless you have incredible genes, you will experience the start of wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin’s elasticity will start to decrease and you’ll see dark spots and redness. You’ll want alpha hydroxy acid and/or retinoid in your skin care routine which reverses some damage.

40s Skin Care

Sagging is imminent at this stage as loss of skin elasticity and collagen will start to show. At this point, you want to get plenty of rest to give your skin a chance to repair itself. Add a few more products to your skin care with age-fighting arsenal. Exfoliation is also helpful around your 40s.

50s And Beyond Skin Care

Skin tags, peach fuzz, and brown spots may have started to appear, but there’s a solution for them! With the help of fillers and Botox, you can lift droopy skin to give it a renewed appearance.

Waxing or Shaving?

Abasicrazorgoodforhair removal.

Hair-removal is a must during the summer season as women jump into their swimsuit! Still, what is their go-to hair-removal? Is it shaving or waxing? While the two are popular options, both have different setbacks, and we’ll cover them here!

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Waxing – If you’re taking certain medication or you have medical conditions, waxing may complicate your issue by making your skin scabby and dry.

Shaving – People vary in circumstances. While some might experience severe irritation, others might not feel anything at all. Still, keep in mind that shaving cream/gel applications might trigger allergies that could irritate or dry out the skin.


Waxing – The duration for this hair removal can take up to an hour. The speed depends on how deep you want to go around the bikini line and the area of hair removal.

Shaving – Unlike waxing, shaving is a very quick fix. If your hair is very long, trim it with scissors to prevent your blade from dulling out. We highly suggest being careful with this process to avoid cutting yourself.


Waxing – Waxing kits can cost from $25-$100. For regular bikini waxes, expect to shell out $19-$75. A Brazilian wax may be around $100, and that doesn’t include State taxes and gratuity.

Shaving – You can easily get rid of your bikini hairline with just a few cents. Because this is so cost efficient, invest in good razors and shaving creams for quality assurance.


Waxing – “Shadows” are not present on the skin when you opt for this solution. Also, the results can last up to six weeks given that all the roots are successfully removed.

Shaving – Razor burns, ingrown hairs are possible when you opt to shave. Additionally, hair may grow on the same day causing “shadows” to appear.

Facemasks for Everyday Needs

AGORA Cosmetics

Nobody is perfect, coming from the lyrics of many popular songs, especially when it comes to skin. We all have an underlying issue with our complexion that we aren’t happy with, and the standard face wash routine just isn’t cutting it. Luckily we have DIY face masks recipes for some very common skin issues that are sure to give your skin care routine a boost!

Blackhead Removal

Blackheads are tough to get rid of and are one of the most stubborn and annoying zits we get on our faces. These zits seem as if they are buried under the surface of the skin and no matter what face wash we use, they will never go away. With two ingredients, honey and baking soda, you can create an exfoliating mask that will remove blackheads and dead skin cells and cleanse your pores. Just mix two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of baking soda, massage onto your face in a circular motion, then rinse after 15-20 minutes. Do this once or twice a week after face wash.

Skin Brightener

Harsh sun rays, aging spots, and acne scars can cause our skin to become dull and unevenly toned. Face creams to help this issue can cost a ridiculous amount of money so you’d rather just deal with it and cover up with concealer. Turmeric, a typical spice used in curry, is the savior by brightening the complexion of your skin, evening the tone, and helps with scarring/age spots. For this mask, combine three tablespoons of rolled oats for exfoliation, one tablespoon honey, ½ teaspoon of turmeric, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Apply on a freshly washed face, leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with warm water. It may take a couple of rinses to get rid of the yellow tint.

Oily Skin

This skin issue is very problematic. Oily skin causes acne and can make your skin feel gunky and gross. Sometimes a face wash for oily skin can dry out your skin too much, which just flipped the problem instead of fixing it. Bananas, honey, and lemon juice are the perfect trio to attack the oil rigs that rest on your face. It is best to use one ripe banana with two tablespoons of honey, and one tsp of lemon juice. Apply the mask onto the face, leave on for 15 minutes, and rinse with cool water.

Dry Skin

Like oily skin, rough patches and flaky skin are the effects of having dry skin. Itching it to try and make it go away only makes it worse! A nourishing and moisturizing mask made with one tablespoon of brown sugar and one teaspoon of coconut oil is the perfect solution. The brown sugar gently gets rid of dead skin cells while the coconut oil moisturizes the skin back to health. Massage onto your face with fingertips and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.


A Complete 90-Day Beauty Routine That Works

Withagreatskincareroutinecomeswithboostedself confidence.

Having a beauty regimen isn’t a replacement for self-confidence, but if you think you need a little bit of tweaking, then the following is a full 90-day guide!

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90-Day Guide to a Healthy Beauty Routine

Day One

  • During the weekdays, stay away from alcoholic beverages. Instead, opt for water and herbal tea.
  • Smoking isn’t a healthy habit, and it ruins the skin. Instead of lighting a cigarette, try e-cigs or vapors a try.
  • Feed yourself healthy food by adding a little color to your diet.

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  • If you’re into drinking soda, try infused water instead. Maintain the flavor, but get rid of the extra sugar!
  • Cleanse your face by using a product that gets rid of oil. Additionally, you want something that will not dry out the skin.
  • Shower and relax daily.
  • Maintain a hydrated skin by daily moisturizers.
  • Drink lemon water before hitting the sack.
  • Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep depending on your body’s circadian rhythm.


  • Moisturize and trim your nails. Use a cuticle pen instead of cutting them.
  • Condition your hair with coconut oil. This seals the moisturizer, keeping it beautiful and healthy.
  • Do yoga on no-gym days.
  • Re-do or remove your nail polish.
  • Try resistance training at least three times a week.
  • Treat your skin to facemasks! Make them yourself or purchase one.

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Every Two Weeks

  • Indulge yourself in some manicure and pedicure.
  • Make time to do your eyebrows. Whether it’s wax or threading– make sure your eyebrows are always maintained.
  • Prevent split ends from happening by applying oil on the edges of your locks.

Every Month

  • Touch up your hair dye.
  • Try body-wrap.
  • Indulge on some hair removal.
  • Create a natural face mask.

Know The Different Types of Skin Care Acids

Different types of skin care acids are great for your skin.

Acids. We hear about them in TV commercials, but do we really know what they do? Are they helpful for the skin or not? Surprisingly, we get a lot of people asking us what the differences are, and so we decided to share some insights here.

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Acetic Acid

This is commonly referred to as vinegar. Acetic acid is actually too acidic to apply directly on the skin, but it has many uses. Commonly known as a toner, dilute this solution with hard water and gently apply onto the skin!

Salicylic Acid

When you’re looking at different types of beta hydroxy acid, salicylic acid is THE one. As opposed to many AHAs it works inside the pores to kill acne bacteria and loosen up the clogs. Weirdly enough, this is not effective at exfoliating the skin especially when it is used at 1 to 2% in concentrations.

Glycolic Acid

This is the most common Alpha Hydroxy that’s on the market. It’s ideal for dealing with hyperpigmentation and flaky skin. Additionally, it penetrates deep because it has the tiniest molecule of any AHA. You’ll see these incorporated into many products found in drugstores and high-end makeup shops.  

Mandelic Acid

This is the perfect acid for exfoliation. Beginners who are looking for a product that exfoliates will find mandelic acid to be gentler on their skin compared to lactic acids and glycolic. Additionally, unlike comparable AHAs, this acid is oil soluble which allows it to be useful with the pore. Those who suffer from acne and hyperpigmentation can benefit from mandelic acid.

Say Goodbye to Dark Circles For Good

agora skin care routine cosmetics las vegas

If you suffer from acne, dark spots are a familiar foe of yours. Skin care routines just can’t cut it, and you probably tried every product at your local drugstore. Topical formulas, facial washed acne remover, and even face wipes just don’t do any justice. So what can you do to get rid of dark circles? The following are just some ways we thought might be helpful for you.

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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Red Onion For a Lighter Complexion

Acids that are found in red onions are helpful in lightening your skin’s complexion. It is an excellent candidate in fighting against dark spots. How do you use its benefits? Squeeze the juice out of the onion and use a cotton swab. Apply it onto the dark spot for about 10 minutes and repeat this every day.

Lemon Juice Has Natural Wonders

One of the most natural ways to say goodbye to dark spots is by using lemon juice. With its bleaching properties, lemon can promote a light complexion. Simply rub the fresh lemon juice on the spot and let it work its wonders for about 15 minutes. When finished, rinse it with water and repeat this treatment four times a week.

Ditch the Acne Treatments and Try Skin-Lightening Creams

Ask your dermatologist for dark spot treatments with a skin lightening ingredient known as hydroquinone. Also, look for creams with active ingredients that include kojic acid and turmeric which have been proven to lighten the skin.

Try Laser Therapy

If you’re itching to get faster results alongside a more likely effect, try laser therapy. This gradually lightens dark spots by targeting melanin-producing cells that are accountable for pigmentation. Talk to your doctor to see if you’re a candidate for laser therapy and ask about risks and results.

The Relation Between Stress and Aging

agora skin care

Nowadays, it’s common knowledge that stress is related to adverse health impacts. This can range from insomnia, heart disease to weight gain. Let’s not forget that stress also compromises your digestive and immune system. And when you’re talking about aging, well, that’s another story. You’ve heard that worrying can cause wrinkles and accelerate the process of aging, right? This is true because our body makes a fight-or-flight reaction in which releases stress chemicals to the body– This in turn creates biological changes that may work against us in the long run.

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Damage Cells Related to Work

Did you know that work-related exhaustion can be harmful to the body? It’s true, and our DNA doesn’t lie about it. Candidates who worked in a stressful environment has shorted DNA sections called telomeres. This means that cells become damaged or even perish. Whereas those who weren’t stressed at work tend to have longer telomeres.

Ages the Brain

Chronic stress has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, and it has been shown that women tend to age faster than men. How? It has been concluded that the patterns of gene deactivation and activation seems to progress in women.

Contribution to Unhealthy Lifestyle

Besides bone, chemical and brain changes, stress can contribute to an unhealthy way of life. How? People tend to eat and drink more, and exercise less. Sadly, individuals who are stressed, tend to depend on medication more often than others.

Hearing And Vision Loss

Did you know that the speeding up of heart rate can lead to increased blood pressure? In addition to that, stress hormones are released tampering your hearing and vision loss. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight. With prolonged stress, that’s when you’ll experience the constriction of your blood vessels, and start to undergo hearing and vision loss.


Beauty Reads for the Weekend!

Agora Cosmetics

Oh, the weekend! The two days when we enjoy time for ourselves and sulk in nothing but a spa-like experience at the comfort of our home. Facials masks, nail polish and enriching our hair are just some of the things we like to do on a Saturday morning. And what better way is it to be a girly-girl than to read beauty blogs? So, we’ve come up with these fantastic weekend reads for you to enjoy while waiting for your glamorous nail polish to dry!

  1. The Zoe Report came up with these super duper easy way to detox your skin. What is a better way it to get your weekend started with skin feeling extra smooth and rejuvenated?
  2. Ever wondered why facials are still a thing? Well, they have amazing benefits along with them! Benefits such promoting good circulation are some of the things that you’ll get from a facial!
  3. It’s frustrating to look for the perfect bra, isn’t? Well Hairspray and Highheels, came up with a simple guide to find the bra of your dreams! Gone are the days when you’re sitting at home wondering why you ever bought those less-than-perfect pairs!
  4. If you’re thinking about running errands this weekend, purchase some of these age-defying food! Reap some of these benefits along with you as you snack on them while watching a movie, or simply reading beauty blogs!
  5. Enjoying a cup of tea? Did you know that you can incorporate this beverage into your skin care routine? It’s true! It’s great for a tighter and brighter skin! It’s also packed with antioxidants that reduce aging!
  6. Body butters are amazing on the skin making you feel enriched with powerful ingredients to combat aging! Enjoy the amazing benefits that Agora Skin Care has to offer with just a generous slab of cream!

We hope you enjoy these weekend reads! Have a fantastic weekend!

Inspirational Beauty Quotes

agora cosmetics las vegas

Let’s start the weekend right with these beauty quotes for all you beautiful ladies!

“Be the type of person you want to meet.” -Unknown

“you say that I have a bad attitude guess what? My attitude is a result of your actions, change your actions and I will change my attitude.” -Ruchir Patel


“Beautiful people are not always good, but good people are always beautiful.” -Ali Ibn Abi Talib

“Let go of those who bring you down and surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you.” -Unknown

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” -Kahlil Gibran

“People will star. Make it worth their while.” -Harry Winston

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” -Coco Chanel

“Beauty to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” -Gwyneth Paltrow

“Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy.” -Unknown

“I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect– they are much more interesting.” -Mark Jacobs

“Imperfection is beauty; madness is genius; and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” -Marilyn Monroe

“Your outer beauty will capture the eyes, your inner beauty will capture the heart.” -Steven Attchison

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” -Orson Welles

“To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one. It’s society who’s ugly.” -Marilyn Monroe

“Happy girls are the prettiest.” -Audrey Hepburn

“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depends on simplicity.” -Plato

“The true beauty of a woman is her inherent ability to make better a man in every way.” -Don Williams, Jr.

“A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, but a beautiful woman with a brain is an absolute lethal combination.” -Prabal Gurung

The Only Guide You Need to Great Skin

agora las vegas skin care routine

The pursuit of having a great skin care routine is an important commitment to yourself. You’ve heard about all the general do’s and don’ts about skin care routines. One of them is not to sleep in bed with makeup. Another one is never to leave the house without sunscreen. Sometimes, these tips may be difficult to practice due to habits. Still, there are small steps that you can do to prevent breakouts and premature skin aging.

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The following are skin care routines that you need:

Create a regimen that is comfortable to your needs. We strongly suggest finding a product that you will use in the morning and at night. Morning skin care routines call for the preparation of topical products such as moisturizers and sunscreens. Your evening skin care products should be able to wash away all the buildups and impurities accumulated throughout the day.

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Sunscreen hails kingship to skin care routines. If there’s one thing we want you to use every day, it is sunscreen. Apply a product that includes an SPF 30 or higher to prevent yourself from the dangers of skin cancer. Additionally, sunscreen slows down the development of wrinkles.

Listen to your body and more. We’re talking about constant hydration and plenty of beauty sleep! Avoid eating junk food and fill yourself up with food that is rich in antioxidants.

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Every week, we suggest for you to exfoliate your skin! Scrubs work best for these regimen as they are effective in removing dirt hidden beneath the pores. After an exfoliation, you’re sure to feel the difference!

Use a soothing mask to help you unwind. Just like exfoliation, nourishing the skin is important. You can do this by using masks that are enriched with skin-healthy ingredients. It’s easy to do, and it only takes about 10-15 minutes of your day every week.

Detox Bath Made Easy!

skin care routine agora las vegas

While there are many ways to detox, one of the best methods to do it is by bathing. It sounds like a difficult task to do, but the truth is that it’s easy! The best part about a detox bath is that you can recreate a spa-life experience for you home at the fraction of the price! Besides, who doesn’t want a bath anyway? We think that a detox bath is one of the most important things to maintain an effective skin care routine. 

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When you use essential oils, honey, Epsom salts and baking soda, your body flushes out the impurities which help your body get rid of the toxins via sweat. These key ingredients are also beneficial in terms of their roles in anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidants.

How to Take a Detox Bath

Clean Environment

Make sure that your tub is clean when you’re ready for a bath. In many cases, the tub may carry germs and bacteria that you don’t want on your body! So make sure that it is thoroughly clean before you jump in!

Run the Water

You want to have a hot bath to begin this session so that you may sweat as much as possible. The temperature heavily depends on what you can take. Test the water to see what works best for you by occasionally running your hands in the water to make sure the consistency of temperature is comfortable.

Set the Mood

You want the mood to reflect a relaxing environment. Light up some candles to set a lovely vibe alongside some scented aromas. Turn your speakers on for some soothing music to help your relaxation.

Add Your Detox Products

Combine the products you want to add in your bath whether this is bath salts or bath bombs. If you don’t have any of these available, you can make them yourself!


What to Look for When Buying Skincare Products

skin care routine agora las vegas

Skincare, how well do you know it? And what to look for.

We all see these infomercials and ad’s believing they are the best of the best and we should buy them because they use those few choice gotcha words, SPF, Anti-Aging, oil-free, all natural. But are they?
What makes good skincare, good? And how do we buy the right one?

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Here a few tips for your next skincare purchase:

Anti-aging- Look for “Alpha Lipoic Acid” this particular acid is the most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Two things you need to help fight the aging process. ALA can also be referred to as “the universal antioxidant” in both fat and water soluble, which means the antioxidant is able to dissolve within the body. 400x stronger and more powerful than Vitamin c and E combined! Pretty impressive.

Firmer Skin, with instant results- Look for DMAE(dimethylaminoethanol), anti-inflammatory and membrane stabilizer. This is your new found miracle! No need for waiting a few months, the results are almost instant. Which is awesome for puffiness around the eyes and those late nights with early rises. Some have even used products with this ingredient on the back of their thighs and legs for cellulite. DMAE aids in the appearance of fine lines and deep lines are reduced with a result of radiance and evenness with both skin tone and color.

Protection- SPF 15 or higher is recommended in all skincare and beauty products for your face and body. The sun is a beautiful radiant beauty, but if your skin is not protected, it can be harmful. So when you purchase any products, look for a good amount of SPF and one that also protects against UVB rays. The best way to help the aging process is prevention and protection.

Whether you are looking to spend $$$$ or $ on your next skincare purchase, make sure whatever you decide on, it’s worth the buck.
Take your time, research, and read the ingredients.

Anti-Aging Techniques You’re Not Doing

skin care routine agora las vegas cosmetics

While there’s no solution to completely stop aging, there are excellent elixirs that will tremendously slow it down! With the help of useful products and a consistent skin care routine, you’ll defy aging right from the start. What are some of the secrets we’ll be revealing here today?

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Defy Anti-Aging with These Skin Care Tips

Drink Lots of Water

We can’t emphasize the importance of water enough! Water is crucial to aging! Don’t just drink water when you’re thirsty. Periodically hydrate yourself to leave your skin looking plumped! Did you know that dehydration “can lead to dry, sallow skin that looks prematurely old?”

Get Your Beauty Rest

Before you take your beauty sleep, use a night cream to help your body renew, restore and rebalance. You can prevent puffy eyes and dark circles by getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night!

Always Eat Clean

Your skin will look radiant when you consistently eat healthy food. So grab some fruits for snacks and a salad for lunch! Not only will your skin thank you for it, but you will feel youthful. With a healthy diet, you’ll be warding off wrinkles and age spots.


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Moisturize Often

Your body needs to be hydrated from the inside and out. All the while drinking water, you need to hydrate your skin too! Say goodbye to ashen complexion by using a handy moisturizer. Moisturizing will refine your skin by making you look younger.

Relax and Unwind

Stress is the culprit of aging. Sadly, stress decreases the body’s ability to moisturize the skin which promotes skin aging. Yikes! Manage it by taking some time to relax and unwind. After all, we think you deserve every bit of it!

How to Choose the Right Shade of Lipstick

agora las vegas skin care routine cosmetics

Cosmetics is a thriving billion dollar industry that continues to grow as fashion heightens more than ever. With this in mind, it’s hard to keep up with the ever so changing trends from one season to the next. Still, there should always be a golden rule about cosmetics that everyone should follow; We believe this should picking the right hues of lipsticks for your skin tone.

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Choosing the Right Shade of Lipstick

The Natural Look

When you want to go for a natural look, you always want to go two shades darker for your lipstick. One way to test this out is by applying the lipstick on one side. If you see that the color is two shades darker, then you have achieved the goal. Usually in cosmetic stores, they have makeup artists that are eager to help you with all your makeup questions. So if you’re unsure about the shade, don’t hesitate to ask them for assistance.

For Thin Lips

If you have thin lips, try light to medium hues. When you use darker shades, this will only highlight the thinness of it which is what you want to avoid. Instead, use tinted lip gloss or creamy lipsticks to help you add an extra plump!

Choosing the Right Red

Many women are afraid to sport a shade of red on their lips because they think that they don’t have the skin tone for it. Red comes in so many shades that it’s crazy to completely give up on them! In fact, red is a timeless tone of fashion that roots from culture and age. So women with dark skin sport deep reds; olive skin tones can rock a fire-engine red, and light-skinned women should try a shade of cherry red.


The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Radiant Skin

coconut oil agora skin care routine

You had seen us mention the wonderful benefits of coconut oil in a tidbit a few weeks ago, but now, we’re here to expand on this amazing commodity. Coconut oil is excellent when used for cooking, and it is loaded with all the good fats. Besides reaping the benefits internally, this astounding oil works well with our skin. It’s an all-natural product that serves as an alternative to toxic skin care products that are commonly found in drugstores.

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Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Reap its Benefits

Detoxification Bath

Add a few drops of essential oils to start an aromatherapy session along with ½ cup of Epsom salts. Combine a ½ cup of coconut oil into a warm bath to starts the detoxification process. Allow your mind and body to unwind from this excellent bath as the oil and salt work its way to removing the toxins out.

A Wash for the Face

Create a homemade face wash with an incorporation of coconut oil. This ingredient works well with the skin that it cleans and moisturizes thanks to its microbial properties. Simply dab your face wash onto the skin to reap its benefits.

Soft Lips Start With Lip Balms

Say goodbye to cracked lips by applying a lip balm that is sure to moisturize! However, while the simplest products may seem to have the least chemical ingredients, lip balms are notorious for being packed with harmful chemicals. Instead, create an all-natural product with an incorporation of coconut oil!

Goodbye Stretch Marks

When the elasticity of the skin changes, undesired stretch marks occur. This often happens after weight loss/gain or even pregnancy. Reduce the effect of stretch marks by applying coconut oil to the affected area. This skin care routine will help fade the marks by moisturizing it and swiftly healing it.

Body Oil

When you’re suffering from dry skin, using coconut oil in place of lotion will tremendously help. Slather this on the skin and focus on the driest parts such as knees and elbows.

Shaving Gel

Instead of using shaving creams, use coconut oil to get close to the skin. This prevents it from developing ingrown hair and undergoing razor burns! Just use coconut oil instead of shaving gels with no additional products! Simply apply it on the skin, shave and pat it dry.

5 Essentials to Have in Your Makeup Bag!


Any woman who has a love for cosmetics can vouch for us when we say that their makeup bag is the holy grail of all their belongings. This much is true whether that’s for a night out with their girlfriends or a routine work day. The makeup bag is a simple yet important pouch that holds the key to retouching finishes after hours of activity. Of course, we believe that no makeup bag is complete without any of the following must-have items.

Essentials in Your Makeup Bag

#1 Mascara

Whether it’s a drugstore-bought mascara or a high-end product, this particular cosmetic should ALWAYS be in your makeup bag! You just never know when your eyelashes start to look worn down which calls for a reapplication!

#2 Blotting Sheets

Combat that shiny looking skin by using thin blotting sheets. This simple accessory can carry you through the day by keeping your skin matte and alluring all day long.

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#3 Foundation

Like it or not, our foundation is the key to flawless skin. It balances your complexion in a way that masks the skin’s redness. After a few hours, foundation tends to look cakey especially when you have oily skin. The best way to fix this is by removing the excess oil using blotting sheets and reapply the foundation again.

#4 Blush

After applying your foundation, we’re sure that you’ll be needing to apply your blush. Add this on to get that natural flush effect on the cheeks.

#5 Lipstick or Lipgloss

Let’s face it. As much as we want our lipstick/lipgloss to stay, they will wear off throughout the day. So unless you have a magic lip product that manages to stay on all day long, this is a must-have item in your makeup bag!

We think that these are the essential cosmetics that you should carry around with you at all times! If there’s any other makeup that you cannot leave your home without, feel free to let us know in the comment box below!


Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin

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The saying “you are what you eat” is held true when we’re talking about the skin. Whatever you put in your body results to how much weight you’ll gain or how you’ll feel during the day. This is so true when it comes to consuming food for our skin. Whatever you’re inputting in your body can result to more oil production or help smooths your complexion. So what types of food are perfect for a skin care routine?

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A Healthy Skin Diet

Eat Antioxidants

When you want to eliminate the rough surfaces of your skin, consume food that are packed with flavonoids. We’re talking about eggplants, blueberries, beans and tomatoes.

Protect Yourself From the Sun

Being exposed to the sun a few times a day can accelerate aging. This means that besides wearing sunscreen, taking up more protection from the sun and into the body is helpful! You’ll find that food containing lycopene helps decelerate aging. These appear in many low-carb fruits and vegetables like red cabbage, red grapefruit, and watermelon.

Reducing Wrinkles

Those nasty wrinkles are culprit to the human skin, but wrinkles are inevitable which means that we can only slow its process down. One way to drastically slow the works of wrinkling is by consuming omega-3 acids. Food like flax-seed, salmon and tofu are heavy in these.

Produce Collagen

Collagen is big on cell production which ultimately repairs skin cells. You’ll easily find these in broccoli, peppers, strawberries and leafy greens.
More importantly, it’s always best to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables without limiting yourself to one range of super-food. When you’re exposing your body to different types of nutrients, they will ultimately work together in order to produce the perfect skin that you’ve been longing for. Remember that when you’re eating clean, your skin will reflect it on the outside.

Reduce Your Stress Fast!

We all need a spa day after a long week. Not only is it beneficial for our body, but it’s also ideal for our mental health. No, you don’t need a spa day or a weekend getaway to attain relaxation. We know that there are some things that you can do at home to relieve yourself from stress, and we’ve come up with some ideas to help you on your way to quickly get rid of that stress. So what are four tips that we have to relieve stress?

Stress Relieving Tips


Voicing yourself out to others is one way to relieve the stress. Lucky for us, there are many forms of communication whether that is in the form of email, telephone, text message, social network or face to face. Doing this gives a fresh outlook on your situation and keeps your connections strong.

Negative Ions

It’s been proven that negative ions may relieve stress when you’re exposed to them. While many people say that negative ions are mostly found near rushes of waters like fountains and oceans, there are many ways you can get yourself exposed to them. One technology that has been an amazing breakthrough are negative ion bracelets and other items like Himalayan Salt lamps.


When was the last time you genuinely laughed about something to the point that your belly is aching? Get a good laugh on things to lighten up your mood. Watch your funny movies or attend a local stand-up comedy show.


Find ways to get your heart rate up! This doesn’t mean that you have  to run a marathon or get really fit to attain stress-relief. We’re talking about going for a walk, or doing some light yoga. Small activities like these help the brain by releasing hormones that combats stress.

You Might be Overcleansing Your Skin!

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Sometimes our skin can be impossible to deal with specially when we’re suffering from unwanted blemishes. You’re probably using the best products in the market to no avail. Did you know that you can simply be overcleansing your skin? Truth be told, if you’re seeing more breakouts than clear ups, it’s time to change your skin care routine.

Are You Overcleansing?

Our skin is our natural barrier from free radicals, dirt, allergens, and pollution. This means that it uses components like naturally occurring oils as a moisturizer. When you overcleanse your skin, you deprive it from keeping itself balanced and healthy.

We’re not trying to suggest that you should stop washing your face! In fact, we want you to wash it daily. This cleans out all the impurities that has been clogging up your pores. However, take the time to notice if you’re washing it too long. Does your face tend to feel tight after washing it? If so, you’re doing it wrong!

We suggest to shy away from cleansers that includes alcohol because these products simply strip away the essential oils from your skin. Because there are different types of skins, knowing what type of products work for you is ideal. Test as many products as you can to see their effect.

Effects of Overcleansing

  1. If you have adult acne, this could be a sign of overcleansing. When you clean your skin about twice a day, it can trigger your skin to send more oil than it really should.
  2. Seborrheic dermatitis is when you’re experiencing red flaky scales around the t-zone and scalp.
  3. Some products can simply irritate the skin causing you to have rashes.

Layering Your Skin Care Products

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Experts say that makeup users should apply their cosmetics in a type of sequence to receive the best benefits of every products. For example, there are a variety of moisturizers that has water in them, and when they are applied over sunscreen, it’s possible that you could wear down the sunscreen by diluting it. With many makeup products in the market, it’s difficult to know which ones we should apply in order. So we decided to write this much-needed skin care entry!

The Order of Application!

Makeup Remover: Remove all the makeup that’s been applied on the face.

Cleanser: Once you’ve removed the majority of makeup, use a facial cleanser to get rid of all the dirt. Remember to exfoliate at least twice a week.

Spot Treatment: Dermatologists suggest that prescribed medications as well as spot treatments needs to be applied close to the skin to get receive the best benefits.

Serum: These are nutrient-rich treatments that is best to apply to the skin as close as possible. Many people apply an all-in-one product while others focus on using multiple ones to best cater their skin needs. If this was the case, apply liquids, gels and creams respectively.

Eye Cream: These are like serums specifically made for the eyes. Treat them like serums.

Moisturizers: Our skin repairs, restores, and regenerates while we are asleep. This is one of the reasons why night creams tend to be heavier and thicker in consistency because they are made to be absorbed throughout the night.

What Type of Skin Do You Have?

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There are a variety of skin types out there, but about five of them constitutes the majority. Skin types vary heavily on diet, genes, stress levels, medication, hormonal fluctuation and skin care routine. All of these factors determine how much oil is produced to the skin that heavily fluctuates from super oily to normal.

To find out what type of skin you have, try a skin test. In order to do this, follow these three steps:

  1. Wash your face.
  2. Pat it dry.
  3. Use pieces of lens-cleansing tissue or rice paper and press it on various spots of the face. Oil will stick on the paper which will  make the material translucent.

Different Types of Skin


The skin becomes shiny specially when it’s around the nose, chin, and forehead. Large pores may also be noticeable along with breakouts and blackheads because of oil-producing glands that are on overdrive.

One benefit for people with oily skin is that they tend to age better compared those who suffer from dry skin. This is because oil tends to plump up the skin making it preventable from wrinkles. Women who suffer from this may find that their oily skin suddenly becomes dry once they have reached the ripe age of 35.


Skin fluctuation can be blamed towards hormones. Those who suffer from dry skin may feel as though it is tight. This is especially true after a normal face wash. The skin may look dull and ashy due to the buildup of dead skin. Also, sufferers of dry skin are prone to flaking, red patches and fine wrinkles.


Those who have normal skin tend to have a healthy combination of both oily and dry skin. This means that there is a slight oil production around the T-zone, while they are dry around the cheeks. People with this skin type tend to have an even complexion with a healthy circulation.


People who fall in this category tend to have evident wrinkles and a feeble complexion. This is especially true around the jawline and cheeks.


Those with sensitive skin usually have thin and delicate pores. They are usually irritated by many things such as the sun and skin care products since they are susceptible to itchy patches, redness and/or blotchy skin.


Why Exercise is Great for the Skin

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We all know that exercising is great for the lungs, heart, and mental health. The three mentioned above gives people a reason to exercise more often, but what if we said that there’s another reason that makes exercising worthwhile? You might be wondering what we’re talking about, and believe us, it’s good news! Exercising is actually great for the skin. Who knew, right?

When we think of exercising, we immediately think of heart healthy benefits, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. In fact, a healthy skin relies on exercises because it promotes a good overall circulation which helps by making the skin looking vibrant and fresh.

Nevertheless, there are precautions to working out. If you’re suffering from rosacea, acne or psoriasis, you may have to protect your skin. While this doesn’t sound like good news already, there are special ways for you to take care of the skin. Truly, this should not be a reason for you to stop working out in general. Why?
When there is an increase in blood flow, your skin cells are nourished. You see, your blood cells carry important components like nutrients and oxygen, and they deliver them to working cells all over the body including the skin. Additionally, the increased blood flow carries away waste products such as free radicals that are working against the body. Contrary to what people think, exercising is not a form of detoxifying. This is solely the liver’s job to neutralize the toxins. However, increasing the body’s blood flow helps by flushing out cellular debris away from the system.

In addition to increased blood flow, exercise also helps by easing emotional stress. When stress is decreased, it can actually reduce the amount of acne breakout and eczema. There are still extensive research that needs to be done regarding the link between stress and skin. However, it is safe to say that studies have found that the sebaceous glands are ultimately influenced by hormones that causes stress.

Foods That Are Terrible for Your Skin

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The saying, “you are what you eat” hits close to home on today’s entry as your skin is the reflection of your body. When your complexion is smooth, it is safe to say that you are feeding it healthy food. Alternatively, when your diet is poor, it tends to show up on your skin. Experts who work in dermatology and nutrition strongly urges you to stay away from food that are keeping your skin unhealthy. Which foods are a culprit to poor skin care?

Chocolate–  While chocolate isn’t directly connected to causing a breakout, it increases sebum production that promotes an inflammatory responses to the body. This ultimately leads to acne.

Spicy Food– Many people blame spicy food for their breakout. According to Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, it was proven that patients suffering from an acne breakout link their acne to spicy food.

Coffee– A cup of coffee may give you energy, but it’s linked to breakouts. An organic acid found in coffee beans are the culprit that ultimately raises the cortisol levels. If you weren’t familiar with cortisol, it is a stress hormone that acts like an androgen. It stimulates the sebaceous glands and inflames them.

Bread– If your skin is prone to acne, bread like baguettes and croissants can actually make this worse. The fact is that wheat causes inflammation in the body. If you want to keep your body from worsting your acne, avoid foods like bread that stimulates inflation.

Dairy– According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the consumption of milk is actually linked to breakouts. You can blame this on the promoting  a spike in hormones that causes acne. Instead of dairy, try rice milk, almond milk, or coconut milk instead.

Keep blemishes and breakouts at bay by choosing healthy food for your skin care! Your body and complexion will thank you for it later!

Unusual Skin Care Tricks That Actually Works!

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You’ve heard of all the conventional skin care products under the sun, and while some of them worked well for you, you’re itching for something that is quite unusual. We understand that feeling of breaking traditions because we’re all about trying new things. So, whether you’re here out of curiosity or you simply want to try something new, these usual skin care tricks may do you some good!

Coconut Oil

So, you ran out of makeup remover. Fear not! Coconut oil is perfect for easily removing your make up, and guess what? It’s great for the skin too. Take note that when you use coconut oil, always apply it gently on the skin especially around the eyes.


When you’re emotionally and physically stressed, your body tends to react with a breakout. Get rid of stress with a simple ten minute yoga break! Once a day is all you need to ward off the unwanted stress.

Natural Astringent

Have you ever used astringent on your skin just to end up feeling absolutely dry afterwards? We feel your pain. Use a natural astringent instead! Brew a cup of black tea and then refrigerate it until it is cold. When you’re ready splash it on your face, and let it air dry. It’ll soon remove your oily skin when it is used regularly.

Diaper Rash Cream

Those overnight rash and breakouts are never a fun way to wake up to. When this happens, use diaper rash cream on the affected area, and you’ll see the results almost instantaneously.

A Natural Mixture

There are so many toxins around us that we can’t always avoid being in contact with them. Even toxins in our food is unavoidable. To get rid of the toxins in the body, use a natural mixture of sea salt, epsom salt, and baking soda in a warm bath. Let your skin soak in this relaxing mixture for about twenty minutes. You’ll feel clean in no time. 

Benefits From a Facial

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One of the misunderstood treatments in the women’s regimen is the facial. Many of them get it but they don’t necessarily understand what it’s for. Sure, they leave the skin feeling smooth and healthy, but beyond that reason is nothing but a big question mark left to be unanswered. A facial is not only a self-indulgent treatment, but it also has skin care benefits to reap from.

Professional Estheticians

Getting a professional facial can be done by visiting your local esthetician. From there, they have the right products, tools, skills, and service to help you on your way to a better looking skin. Estheticians chooses the products that they believe works well for many of their clients. They aim for products that delivers only the best results. In addition to this, they have the proper training on how to apply them correctly for safety and effectively.

Facial at Home

There are many types of skin care products that go around the market. Some are easy to access like the ones from your local drug store, and some that are more top of the line. For example, luxurious skin care products are easily purchase online, and they have revolutionary breakthrough anti aging technologies that are incorporated with natural extracts. Some facials are added with Hyaluronic Acid, peptides, vitamins, plant oils, and antioxidants that cleans, invigorates, and nourishes the skin.  

Benefits of a Facial

Cleans– this is one of the top reasons why women get a facial. It simply cleans the skin and removes excess oil, dirt, toxins, and everyday grease that is accumulated. It also helps with reducing the production of sebum by moisturizing the skin.
Circulation– Facials increases the flow of skin cells which means that the rush of blood pushes to the skin. This gives you that ultimate glowing look.
Anti-Aging– While there is no way to stop the process of aging, there is a way to slow it down through facial. With this simple skin care routine, a youthful look will start to come your way.

Types of Acne – AGORA Skin Care

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When you hear someone say that they have an acne problem, you immediately think of a general breakout. But did you know that there are different types of acne out there? It’s bad enough that some people suffer from such a thing, but knowing what type of acne you have may help you with your skin care Las Vegas routine to ultimately get rid of the underlying problem.

Acne Rosacea

Many people confuse this type of breakout with acne vulgaris because they generally look about the same. However, any part of the body can be influenced by acne vulgaris. It’s most popularly known for acne at the chest, face and back area. Whereas acne rosacea is generally found of the face and forehead. It also causes redness over the affected areas as well as the nose. Small blood vessels dilate in these area making it appear with red lines. This type of acne is most popular with ages between 30-60 years of age especially with those who has fair skin.

Acne Vulgaris

This is the most common type of acne that is usually confused with the one mentioned earlier. This involves inflammation or blockage of the pilosebaceous units which is basically the fancy word for you hair follicles and the sebaceous gland. This ultimately leaves those unwanted whiteheads, cysts, papules, and blackheads on the skin. Acne vulgaris are typical for teenagers, but may occur for any age.

Acne Fulmanis/Pyoderma Faciale

This is a severe type of acne which may occur after unsuccessfully treating another type of acne. It is also one of the reasons for underlying severe scarring due to its pustules and nodules. In some severe cases, this type of acne can cause aching joints and fever. Treatment for this is available, so make sure to talk to your dermatologist to see what type of skin care Las Vegas is appropriate for this problem.

These are just some types of acne that was covered. While there are a few more, make sure to talk to your dermatologist so that they’ll be able to pinpoint as to which is the underlying cause. Skin care Las Vegas is always important as it boosts the self-esteem, so make sure to always take care of it!

Sneaky Things That Can Make You Break Out – Skin Care Las Vegas

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Have you ever wondered why you’re breaking out so much? You have all the skin care Las Vegas products that you need, but nothing seems to work. You’re starting to lose hope as you feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun, but the acne just keeps coming back. Those pests that you want to go away just can’t seem to leave you alone. But did you know that there are sneaky little things that you do that could be causing your acne to just pop up? The following are just some things that could make you break out. 


They are so delicious, and they give us the boosted energy that we need throughout the day, but did you know that coffee can raise the acidity that distracts the pH balance which ultimately irritates and inflames the skin. As an alternative, try drinking tea or more water and avoid as much caffeine as possible.


When you eat too much carbs such as bread, pasta, and sugar your body produces more oil that it should because it is sebum. So every time you eat too much carbs you’re adding oil to your face which is highly the reason why you get break outs. So the next time you’re craving sweets, try eating fruits, and keep a balance diet that why you’ll hardly get cravings. Also drink plenty of water.

Vitamin D Deficiency

When you’re not getting enough vitamin D, your immune system could get weakened. Without your body’s natural defense to threat, bad bacteria can invade the skin causing you acne. So, don’t forget to get some sun for a few minutes everyday!


Are you consistently on talking on the phone? While it’s consistently attached to your ear, you could be doing more things than just talking on the phone such as spreading germs around the skin. Your hands touch your cell phone all day which means that it’s attracting all the dirt, germs, bacteria and everything else around you. The simple solution to this, always keep your phone. Have moist towelettes ready with you at all times.
Skin care Las Vegas is so important for our everyday lives specially for women who just wants that flawless skin. So, make sure to always be cautious of what habits, and see which items could be causing you to break out. In many cases, there’s always that one culprit that you can get rid of!

Age Defying Food for Skincare

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While there’s no magic formula to stop aging, there are some food that can help you age gracefully. Food that is high in antioxidants helps people with how they feel about themselves. Whereas junk food can take a toll on the overall performance of the body. Food can ultimately make or break people when it comes to their health and skincare. So, here are just few power food that will help you age beautifully!


Not only will your skin thank you for this power food, but your heart, brain, and eyes as well. This seafood is packed with so much essential oils like omega-3. Eating this food at least one to two servings a week will help you on your way to beautiful skin.


You might be scratching your head on this one because we all know that this isn’t food, but water is so important for our health! When you’re consistently hydrated, you can protect your skin from damaging itself. Also, it effortlessly removes those unwanted toxins!


These power fruits are very hydrating, and also perfect for skincare. They are packed with polyphenols that attacks free radicals. Moreover, people use pomegranate as a method to moisturizing their skin by applying it to their skin. So, whether you’re drinking, eating or applying them, they are great for skincare!


When your blood sugar is high, the body produces more androgen which are hormones that can contribute to wrinkled skin. So, eating oatmeal (the less processed, the better), takes a while to break down and can stabilize your blood sugar.


This one is very fitting for this season, as fall is in place. Carotenoids which is the reason for pumpkin’s color, prevents wrinkles by offsetting free radicals. When combined with the right enzymes, vitamins E, C, and A found in pumpkin are natural skincare regulators.

Skin Care to Live By According to Vloggers

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There are beauty vloggers that are hailed online for their number of subscribers on Youtube, Vine, Instagram and many other social media platforms. While they tell us countless of tips, some of them are just meant to be broken, but SOME are also meant to stick to. Carly Cristmas, a beauty vblogger with an accumulating 230K followers, shares an insight of some of the  things that she lives by everyday.

Avocado all day long!

Avocados are packed with antioxidants that are not only delicious, but they are good for the body. They are also rich in monounsaturated fats that are very easy for energy to burn which means that you’re not drastically increasing your carbs and protein intake. She mentions that they are also very good to take photos with as they look aesthetically beautiful when arranged with toasts.

Treat the blemish all day

She understands that being on camera all day means that she has to wear make up! So wearing concealers that are oil-free are her go-to products because they hide her blemishes but they also fight the breakouts as well. So, when you’re on the go all the time, make sure to always wear makeup that works for your skin care Las Vegas routine not against you.


Not many woman drink the amount of water that is recommended for them which in turn leaves the skin dry. One thing that she recommends is that if you’re not a fan of water, try infusing your favorite fruits with it since they taste delicious, and they look super cute. Water is one of the best skin care Las Vegas features for the body!

Never ever sleep with makeup on

For one thing, many of us has heard about this already. Wearing make up clogs up the pores which leaves the skin to break out. It is one of the skin care Las Vegas sins that women commit. So, having said that always have makeup removers whether that is in the form of wipes or anything else.

Your Must Have Skincare Routine

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Our face accumulates many dusts and microbes all throughout the day. It’s no wonder some people suffer from acne or sporadic pimples. It’s not a pretty sight to see, and many women try to hide it as much as possible by slathering concealers, foundations and anything that could ultimately disguise their unwanted imperfection. But wouldn’t be better to get rid of it all? Now, the thought of using less makeup sounds so amazing. So let’s begin with this simple skincare routine!

  1. First we start with a clean moistened towelette. This part is just to remove the majority of makeup that was on. They are so handy since they take away most of the dirt and leaves the skin feeling clean again.
  2. Even though a moistened towelette could help your skin feeling clean, there are still many unseen dirt what are still left behind, and there’s nothing like a good old face wash that can easily remove all the dirt.
  3. Exfoliate the skin. This is a process of removing the dead skin cells found on your epidermis. We shed thousands of dead skin cells a day and getting rid of them is a must in order to reduce acne. Try our Agora Code De Vie, Exfoliating Body Scrub.
  4. After exfoliating, your skin will start to feel rejuvenated. You’re ready for the next step which is the pampering part of this routine! Slather a facial mask  generously around your face to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Try our Agora Cellexir, Age Defying Collagen Mask.
  5. When you have removed the facial mask, apply a lifting eye cream. It’s never too early to start watching out for wrinkles as your eyes are the first thing that many people see. Try our Agora Code de Vie, Lifting Eye Cream.
  6. The eyes are not the only thing that needs attention as well. It’s always better to have an age defying serum to prevent early onset of wrinkles. Try our Agora Cellexir, Age Defying Collagen Serum.
  7. Once you are all done, apply a toner to tighten the pores and to keep all serums in place.

To some women, their skincare routine is a trial and error. We encourage you to try as much routines as you can until you’ve found something that has really worked for your skin. Now, go out there and go out there rock that beauty!