5 Strange Celebrity Beauty Tips

We’ve always wondered how celebrities manage to have flawless skin. Beyond expensive dermatologists and holistic skin care regimen, there are beauty secrets that celebrities follow that are strange, but entertaining. It was so interesting that we might just try some of them just for the giggles! Beer, Hair and Catherine Zeta-Jones If you want lovely […]

A Skin Care Routine Fit For The Holidays

Why should you pay close attention to your skin care routine over the holidays? One dermatologist says that the holidays is filled with sugary treats, cocktails, limited sleep and freezing temperatures. Apply all these combinations, and you’re heading towards a skin war zone. We’re not just talking about acne. In fact, over the holidays you […]

Skin Care Advances For All Ages

Back then, women used to dedicate themselves in a specific skin care regimen that worked for them. It was as easy as washing, moisturizing and then the application of makeup. Now, products for skin care has evolved with products good for toning, cleaning, clearing blemishes, plumping lips, lifting eyelids and smoothing wrinkles. Additionally, solutions are […]

The Relation Between Stress and Aging

Nowadays, it’s common knowledge that stress is related to adverse health impacts. This can range from insomnia, heart disease to weight gain. Let’s not forget that stress also compromises your digestive and immune system. And when you’re talking about aging, well, that’s another story. You’ve heard that worrying can cause wrinkles and accelerate the process […]

Why Exercise is Great for the Skin

We all know that exercising is great for the lungs, heart, and mental health. The three mentioned above gives people a reason to exercise more often, but what if we said that there’s another reason that makes exercising worthwhile? You might be wondering what we’re talking about, and believe us, it’s good news! Exercising is actually […]

Unusual Skin Care Tricks That Actually Works!

You’ve heard of all the conventional skin care products under the sun, and while some of them worked well for you, you’re itching for something that is quite unusual. We understand that feeling of breaking traditions because we’re all about trying new things. So, whether you’re here out of curiosity or you simply want to try […]

Skin Care to Live By According to Vloggers

There are beauty vloggers that are hailed online for their number of subscribers on Youtube, Vine, Instagram and many other social media platforms. While they tell us countless of tips, some of them are just meant to be broken, but SOME are also meant to stick to. Carly Cristmas, a beauty vblogger with an accumulating […]

Your Must Have Skincare Routine

Our face accumulates many dusts and microbes all throughout the day. It’s no wonder some people suffer from acne or sporadic pimples. It’s not a pretty sight to see, and many women try to hide it as much as possible by slathering concealers, foundations and anything that could ultimately disguise their unwanted imperfection. But wouldn’t […]